Acoustically absorptive surface treatments made of ceramic materials are not only for rooms with high standards for hygiene, such as bathrooms, but also for any space that calls for an exclusive surface treatment.


Hard, smooth surface claddings can intensify acoustic problems, particularly in very high ceilinged or domed spaces. In many cases, this can be solved with appropriate cladding. A good acoustic environment for baths requires an acoustically absorptive surface. In these cases ceramics are an especially excellent choice for the creation of sound-absorbing finishes.


The fine surface detail of the acoustic building units brings a hand-crafted quality back to the world of architecture. The finely worked surface and perforations are responsible for their sound attenuating capacity. The acoustic properties of the units can be adjusted by varying the size of the perforations.


The original mold is carved, free form, by hand – preventing the surface from seeming repetitive, even when the blocks are serially manufactured. The hand worked, fine detail of the surface balances spaces otherwise dominated by large scale elements.


Material: chamotte mass
Sizes: cladding element: 10x10x2 cm, brick element 10x20x7 cm