In room interiors diffusing surfaces are usually installed on rear walls for sound projection, are necessary on opposite parallel walls, and on ceilings. Diffusing surfaces are therefore not a negligible factor in design, because from an acoustic point of view they produce more flexible, life-like spaces with uniform distribution of sound energy.


One of the most important requirements of a home theatre is good room acoustics. Because home theatres tend to be small, not all design issues can be resolved by audio visual means. Creating ideal conditions for home theatre at a high standard requires acoustic diffusion surfaces.


From an acoustic perspective, several factors must be considered: we are not hearing the actual place, only an illusion of it directed at us, the quality of which is greatly influenced by the room’s shape, finishes, and furnishings.


Material: glazed stoneware
Sizes: ground 10×10 cm, height 2-18 cm

The Adessys brand is based on Edit Szabo's doctoral work at MOME, “construction elements for the acoustic modification of spaces,” designed, tested, and patented in 2004. The award winning product, is available for order, acoustically and aesthetically customized.