The washbasins were designed for a newly created bathroom for private use.


The owner’s dream was a place for pleasures - not just function - like in the ancient times. The bathroom was designed by Edina Leukó interior designer ( The aim of the space concept was creating a warmly coloured, “spicy” oriental atmosphere which calls for the senses.

The interior is rich in detail by using different materials like cement tiles, mosaic, copper, wood and ceramic.


The concept of the basins is based on a colour complementary contrast composed to go with the copper countertop and the wall mosaic. The green turquoise glaze of the bowls triggers this effect, while it harmonically communicates with the colours of the cement tiles.


The bowls are wheel-thrown and hand shaped with a uniquely designed glaze on the surface.


Material: chemically resistant glazed chamotte clay
Dimensions: Diameter 45 cm