The goal of the project is to invigorate the connection between citizens and urban, open space, creating new urban communication. Its modular structure makes ideal meeting places, resting places, information exchange and gathering.


One sitting and one standing lamb result in a spatial configuration conducive of, and supporting all possible ergonomic configurations for internet use. The users become the lambs, part of the herd.


A lamb is a strong culture symbol to which we are instinctively attached. The calm, rounded form of this animal forms part of the landscape of the countryside, generating an urban-rural contrast with its appearance in an urban space. urban-rural contrast with its appearance in an urban space. By engaging with the arrangement, the city’s inhabitants become part of the flock. The furniture’s arrangement shepherds and inspries them.


The Flokkk collection can be produced in a variety of materials and finishes, depending on its urban context.


Possible materials: polyester, concrete, wood (CNC)
Size: 188,5×136,5×100 cm


Concept: Samu Hapák
Design: Johanna Muszbek, Edit Szabo
User experience design : Viktor Bedő
Photo and art direction: Péter Hapák