The white and red pieces are popular wedding gifts. More colors are available with customized messages for a truly personalized gift.


The rounded, smooth shape and fine edges resemble plant seeds and make it a cherished, personal object that can be held in hand.


Each form has two or three static positions. The two halves of the object will not come apart even when spun on the table. As part of the game, you need to find the static points that keep the two halves of the object together while in motion. It can be spun on the table or on a flat surface when in a static position, some can be rocked around their axis.


The porcelain sculptures are produced in small series with hand-engraved, custom texts or quotations upon request.


Material: glazed porcelain
BIKKMAG 12,5 cm long
MEGGYMAG 12 cm long
SZIKMAG 14 cm long
TÖKMAG 14,5 cm long
VADMAG 18,5 cm long

Regular and irregular shapes blend into one another, it rocks smoothly when you push it, turns around its axis and feels silky smooth. It fits snugly in your palm, and follows your trains of thoughts. As it rests on your desk, it will remind you of all the small treasures that you stuffed in your pockets as a kid, when things were exciting in themselves. As you take apart a seed, an idea comes alive.