This set was designed to conjure a piece of nature to your balcony or terrace. The pieces can give home to your plants, spices and herbs creating a green island into your habitat. They can be filled with water to bring about a waterworld atmosphere. Let it serve you as a coffee or tea table while being a tiny green-land with a moss-bed grown inside it, topped by a pane of glass.


Both items have been formed by sharping elliptical contours which invite as many as three people to use these as handles to lift the whole piece up even fully planted. These elliptical contours protruding from the surface offer the idea to hang the planter up by wires in the air.




These functional sculptures work as essential elements of the space as they connect to indoor and outdoor spaces. Depending on the size of the balcony/terrace you may arrange your space by installing several pieces bestowed with a wide range of functions.


The pieces are an homage to Monet when he painted the water lilies series. The body of the pieces “gives place” to the lilies of Monet paintings by a watery effect that has been created through aquarelle–like glazing technique and firing. This glossy cover glaze turns the piece into a reflective object giving it a hovering impression.

The items reflect the surroundings as a looking glass placing us on the waterside as we gaze into the water, and at the same time, to the clouds through reflection. The sitting clouds remind us of the natural ones which nourish the plants and play the main role in the water circulation system.

The key of the concept is to fool around with our senses by swapping the basic features of the elements: the rock and the cloud exchanging consistency.



The pieces are made of highly durable glazed chamotte clay mass by using a press method. They can stay outdoors in the winter as frost-proof and easy-to-clean pieces thanks to the method of high range firing.


Made from frost proof glazed chamotte clay mass

Size: 93×83×30 cm

Size: 74×70×32 cm