The water emanating from the SOURCE flows along narrow ’stream beds’ to a limestone waterfall built on retaining walls, arriving finally at a pool – a completely structured environment.


The fountain is organically integrated into a larger water feature imagined and realized by the landscape architect. By providing focal point for the space, it strengthens the design of the garden.


The SOURCE fountain brings water forth, bringing the formal language of pebbles polished round by a stream to the garden of a villa, reminiscent of a landscape painting. In the monochrome, muted tones of the landscape design, the SOURCE stands in intentional contrast, both in its bright colouring and material – thus becoming the dramatic beginning of the garden.


The frost resistant, brightly glazed, water-like surface of the fountain is made of chamotte clay mass, which is chemically resistant and easily cleaned.


Material: frost proof glazed chamotte clay
Size: 70x100x45 cm

The garden was planned by Újirány Tájépítész Kft. in 2012.