The ceramic space enclosing dividers can be constructed either indoors or outdoors. When used indoors, a heating system can be fitted into their hollow interiors.


Modular fences and dividing walls tend to be constructed of uniform elements placed side by side to forms walls or structures. More complex and systemic approaches to modular building create opportunities for multi-functional solutions. This system can be used to create any formal or functional solution using one or several pieces: a single element can be used to build a wall, corners, or columns.


Anyone can themselves build a fence or spatial divider, customized to taste. One of my design objectives was to create a system with few parts that allows for unique combinations: different arrangements and variations in colours. All the prototypes were designed such that the main element makes the wall or fence self-supporting.


The interlocking elements are easily and quickly assembled. Simply inserting a steel pipe in the vertical connections is sufficient for structural stability. If necessary, the entire hollow construction can be filled with concrete.


Material: frost proof pyrogranite, porcelain
Main elements sizes: 40x10x25 cm, 15x25x8 cm, 60x15x15 cm, 25x10x10 cm