"Every collaboration, with designer Edit Szabó, makes the expression of the architectural concept even more impressive. The collaborative work yields strong, finely conceptualized, precise and aesthetic spaces or objects."

Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gál


"Edit Szabo created the Laffert- mansion’s masonry heater with an unusual sense for plasticity and with a sculptor’s caring. We have been in close communication over the technical details of the masonry heater  throughout the process. Now we are working on a next project: Edit is building the top ornaments of a neo- rococo masonry heater that belongs to a castle in the Dunántúl, Hungary."

István Silárszky


"Throughout the planning process of the Paulay garden, from the very first conceptual stage Edit Szabo has been a full member of the creative team; this enables the water feature to organically integrate into the space. The client’s impression was empowered / deepened by the fact that the statue cluster redefines the architectural space into an atmospheric place."

Dominika Tihanyi


"Mackó, the bear became the emotional focus of the terrace upon arrival. On summer mornings when I walk out to have my coffee I just touch his warm, glossy, round back and everything feels alright."

Csaba Kelemen


"The building- acoustics application products made from ceramics is currently far away from its possibilities; the first reason for this is the ‘aversion of the acoustic professional society’. They consider this material to be too brittle. However,  the acoustical ceramic diffuser system, designed by Edit Szabó, can be suitable for broadening the inner architectural design possibilities."

Gábor Geréb


"Edit Szabo almost single-handedly confronted the challenges of planning, management and realization of the entire process. She created a solution which is adequate both in its form and function; the end product fits into the baroque historical space and assists the viewer in comprehending the baroque milieu."

Tamás Albert


"As a supplier of household lights made by Philips, we were searching for connections from our innovative, energy- efficient products to nature. The long- lasting TAME  products are worthy of complementing Philips’ green technology and long- lasting aspirations."

Attila Kecskeméti


"Zöldforrás Energia Ltd., a green energy company, found the Seeds of Wisdom and organically connected it to its innovation project, related to biogas power plants. Also,  they certified their green business by handing out gifts under the umbrella: “a green source of nature”. "

Zsolt Fodor