The water that flows from the fountain is drunk for its healing properties by bathers during periods of rest. As the water gurgles forth from the hollows of the fountain, it flows down its outer surface, eventually making its way into the bathing pools.


WATER is an important feature of spatial design. The combined effect of the humid environment of the palm house and the sound made by the water as it gurgles forth from the drinking fountain envelops the bath’s patrons in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.


The translucent, wet effect of its surface suggests the formal language of falling raindrops, further enhanced by the tonal harmony between the plants and the wet ceramic of the fountain.


The material of the fountain is resistant to the corrosive effect of the medicinal waters. Quickly assembled, the dense, polished glaze is easily cleaned and maintained.


Material: glazed chamotte clay
Size: h=110 cm

Installation of plants made by Újirány Tájépítész Kft.