The sculpture grouping is made of unique pieces set in a pool, some structuring the space, while others create a babbling effect in the stream’s flow.


The Landscape Architect’s vision for the courtyard of the condominium building was based on precise material transitions, cladding in shades of grey, and compositional lines aiding circulation flow. Turquoise and blue shades and tones reinforce the effect of the water, reaching beyond the limits of the pool.


The sculptures group themselves around the central pool. Their formal language references pebbles polished round or cracked by the forces of nature, magnified in size, thereby allowing them to structure space at an architectural scale. Their forms and surfaces “evolve” along the garden’s energy meridians.


The frost resistant ceramic pebbles have internal mechanisms to simulate various water effects in addition to the babbling brook.


Material: frost proof glazed chamotte clay
Size: 55-100 cm diameters

Landscape architects: Újirány Tájépítész Kft.: Gábor Lendvai, Dominika Tihanyi