Custom design and creation


Sourcing solutions to rehabilitate, reconstruct and reimagine old masterpieces


Design collaboration


Teaching and mentoring


design and creation

My vocational drive follows my need to be present in the process of creation from the beginning to the end. It starts with the birth of an idea, through its design and execution to the final installation in space and place.

Let me provide you a custom design and installation service. I will prepare a refined proposal befitting your consideration. This includes a precise breakdown of all costs involved, including planning, creation and installation fees. Add unique touches and features to the tailor made final piece, which is always delivered to you from the best quality materials. These long lasting pieces will serve you and your surroundings for generations. I work in various fields of architectural ceramics such as masonry stoves, fireplaces, claddings, water features, furniture, and even tableware. However, I am happy to add other functions to meet your needs.



Rehabilitation, reconstruction and reimagining old pieces

A beloved area of my architectural ceramics work is reconstructing as well as designing unique masonry  stoves and fireplaces as part of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of historical buildings. On several occasions I restored historical porcelain items also. Trust me with your ‘wildest dreams’ as I am thrilled to take on challenges of this kind.

My  work in reconstruction and rehabilitation projects over the last decade established my core design method: paraphrasing. When paraphrasing, the aim of my design concept is to create a new object which is a bridge between old and new. I combine traditional technologies with new functions and shapes; or the opposite way, I use new technologies combined with traditional shapes and sometimes functions as well. This special mixture acts as a base design code for the creation process and is brought about through extensive research and a deep understanding of an object’s original attributes.




I design and create architectural ceramics always in close collaboration with architects, interior designers and landscape architects.  On several occasions I have worked with other professionals such as acoustic and hydraulic engineers, or masonry stove builders.

Another form of collaboration I am engaged in is being involved in the conceptual stages of interior design projects for residential, hospitality, heritage and monument preservation as well as urban landscape designs. Through these experiences I have gained the ability to work in the context between objects and space in interior and landscape designs.

Examples for collaboration:
Grassalkovich Castle project / Concept, wall and floor design, colours
Museum For Hunting / Concept
Museum For Hunting / Objects design
Paulay Garden / Concept and Sculptures




I have always found teaching and mentoring extremely important throughout my professional career. This is a way for my expertise as well as my experiences to be passed on to and shared with students, professionals and anyone who wishes to learn about the art of ceramics.